How to sell a Car in South Africa

Cars for sale South Africa

There are many platforms to sell your vehicles in SA. Most of them are free to use but with limited ads. The average is two cars, trucks or motorcycles then you are forced to pay to advertise more vehicles. How to sell a Car in South Africa

Carsforsale 365 offer you unlimited vehicles sales that is perfect for car dealers all over South Africa. Yes, unlimited cars, trucks and even boats!

Selling your vehicle on Cars365 is easy and extremely user friendly.

How to sell your car on Cars365?

  • Click on Place Add
  • Select you Category or Province or all of South Africa
  • The Start and end date is set to default, you will get a reminder to re-post should you need to.
  • Add a listing title. This is the key to your ad, so make sure you describe the vehicle as good as possible in the title.
  • If you are a car dealer, you can add your website link for free
  • Fill in your contact email address
  • Make sure you add the right Province and Town on the auto Form
  • Price your vehicle
  • Add your details. Be specific on km’s, colour, make and model.
  • Images should be 680 x 480 pixels to optimize your ad to the best
  • Click Complete Ad.

Once you review your ad, you can share it from Cars365 to Facebook and Twitter.

Questions: Do I need to subscribe to use Cars365?

Answer: To become an advertiser you need to subscribe, once you have subscribed or registered on our website you can add as many ads as you require, however stay calm and try not to duplicate.

Question: I am a Car Dealer, can I really upload Multiple Ads?

Answer: Car Dealers are welcome to use Cars365 and can upload not only as many cars as they need to but also a website link to their dealership.

Question: Can I sell other items apart from cars and trucks?

Answer: Yes, you can sell any type of vehicle such as boats, tractors and even farming implements, as long as it is vehicle related

Should you require more information or require top adds you can contact us on

How to sell a Car in South Africa

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How to sell a car in South Africa

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